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Detik-detik terakhir seorang lelaki

Monday, January 26, 2009

LONDON: Gambar ini diambil ketika seorang pekerja sebuah syarikat di sini cuba untuk membunuh diri akibat krisis kegawatan ekonomi global. Kejadian yang menggemparkan sebilangan besar orang ramai yang lalu-lalang di situ menyebabkan kesesakan lalulintas yang teruk berlaku. Daripada sumber yang boleh dipercayai, lelaki ini tidak sanggup untuk menghadapi kenyataan kerana bebanan dan komitmen yang terlalu banyak sedangkan pendapatan bulanannya masih berada pada takuk lama. Kenaikan harga barang dan desakan hidup memaksa beliau memilih untuk terjun dari bangunan di mana beliau bekerja.

Menurut sumber itu lagi, lelaki ini merupakan seorang yang berpewatakan ceria sebelum ini dan sangat komited dalam pekerjaannya. "Beliau merupakan antara tulang belakang syarikat kerana sikap ringan tulangnya dan sering berada dalam pejabat pada masanya." Ditanya samada lelaki tersebut mempunyai masalah sebelum ini, sumber tersebut menegaskan bahawa lelaki ini tidak pernah menunjukkan sebarang petanda yang dia memunyai masalah kerana perwatakan cerianya sebelum ini sering mengaburi mata rakan-rakan lain.

Menurut seorang doktor yang secara kebetulan berada di tempat kejadian, "Orang-orang yang murung dianggap sebagai kumpulan risiko tinggi untuk tingkah laku bunuh diri. Talian-talian penting bunuh diri boleh didapati dengan mudah, dan mungkin dapat membantu. Bagaimanapun, sambutan yang negatif dan yang seringnya terlalu klinikal (umpamanya dicap, diugut akan dipenjarakan, atau diberikan dos perubatan yang lebih tinggi) oleh pakar-pakar perubatan telah mengakibatkan banyak orang yang mahu membunuh diri menjawab dengan lebih berhati-hati tentang sejarah kesihatan mental atau fikiran-fikiran membunuh diri mereka. Ini telah menjejaskan keberkesanan sebilangan rawatan."

Sumber dari wikipedia pula menyatakan di negara-negara yang senjata api boleh didapati dengan mudah, banyak kes membunuh diri melibatkan penggunaannya. Sebenarnya, melebihi sedikit 55% daripada kejadian membunuh diri yang dilakukan di Amerika Syarikat pada tahun 2001 adalah membabitkan senjata api. Kaedah-kaedah pengasfiksian, termasuk gantung leher, serta peracunan dan dos berlebihan) adalah agak biasa juga. Setiapnya merupakan lebih kurang 20% daripada kes bunuh diri di Amerika Syarikat pada tempoh yang sama. Kaedah-kaedah bunuh diri yang lain termasuk trauma kekerasan (umpamanya, lompat dari bangunan atau jambatan, atau melangkah ke hadapan kereta api), pelepasan darah (menoreh pergelangan tangan atau kerongkong), pengorbanan diri, bunuh diri dengan kejutan elektrik, perlanggaran kereta, dan kebuluran sengaja.

Ketika gambar ini diambil, lelaki ini sempat menjerit "damn you....I'm about to suicide here and both of you able throw that kind of smile at me?!!!"

p/s: H A M P E H


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Sea Sickness

This pic make me sick and dizzy. Keep on looking at the middle or center point to avoid the moving effect. How can it happened?The latter happens when the brain can't handle the conflicting information from your two eyes. If you start feeling unwell when seeing this picture, immediately cover one eye with your hand and then leave the page. Do not close your eyes because that can make the attack worse.


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Buckle up, new helmet & safety first

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The accidents increase every year with the death toll way to uphill as well. There were several plans of contingency taken to beat the toll and the one that I remembered was the introduction of the 3rd brake light...2009, we've been prompted with new rules to ensure our safety...so ladies and gentlement, please buckle up although you are sit at the back and make sure your helmet is less than 5 years old! Any action against this new law will get punished either summoned or compounded or you lose your live then. Since the enforcement of these brand new rules especially the car rear seat belt, I was burdened with the way on how to discipline my eldest son to sit with the belt tighten...he can easily free himself from the belt! He is only 3 months into 2 years and it is really mounting task to keep him sit all the way in my car. Besides, his mom has already settled with his younger brother at the back...to be the story, all 4 of us have to travel every mon to fri and sometimes sat as both me and my wife working at a countryside school....at his age where everything seems to be new to him, he rather stand all the time to see his surrondings even though it was 5:30 in the morning!With both of my hands on the steering and gear knob, and the time is ticking faster....but for the sack of safety which always be the first, just get rid of it, regardless my son crying caused by the uncomfortable of being tighten by the seat belt... That is my problem regarding this issue...but how about others? for e.g, family with 5 kids or car with 5 passengers?according to panducermat.org:Tiada saman untuk pemakaian tali pinggang belakang jika digunakan sepenuhnya. Polis hanya boleh menyaman atas kesalahan yang lain iaitu "overloading"....this statement for me means "sila beli kereta yang lebih besar dan boleh muat lebih ramai penumpang." Even nowadays we can still see 3 to 4 pax on one motorcycle, inikan pula kereta?!But still, the car that released before 1995 can ignore this rule. Then few days back, the minister had announced that cars from neighbors were excluded from this law as well.....hmm, not that I'm dissagree with this but hey...please be firm in this issue. This is our country and others have to pay their respect and obey the rules and regulations available here. 3 years back I was ordered to torn my tinted glass in Brunei or I will summoned and when I try to have a slow talk to the traffic officer, he mentioned that he was also have to install the 3rd rear brake light in order to enter Malaysia...so that is the point....masuk kandang kambing meng......
Compound=RM300, Live=Priceless


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Kill a Palestinian; drink at Starbucks

Friday, January 9, 2009

Today, the 14th day of their attack. UN had announced that ceasefire action should take place in Palestine. Israel madness of attacking Palestine. All the representative in that meeting has came out with a decision in supporting the action but as predicted, US reps Condoleeza Rice had other idea in this issue.Will the ceasefire order followed by the Israeli?Can they withdraw? Since their first day of attack, they already broke the Geneva Convention for fun....bombing the schools, killing publics and civilian hospitals.
Today, after performing Solat Jumaat, a Solat Hajat was performed by the entire Muslims people in our country....."Ya Allah!! Sebagaimana Engkau Pernah menghantar burung-burung ababil menghancurkan tentera bergajah Musyrikin, maka kami memohon kepada mu Ya Allah....... . turunkan lah bantuan mu kali ini kepada orang orang Islam di Palestin, hancurkanlah rejim zionis..amin. ...." Today, all the donations for Solat Jumaat in Malaysia will be donated to Palestinians...for three weeks of Solat Jumaat.
Today, I can do nothing but boycott the product that benefit Israel...."Each riyal, dirham …etc. used to buy their goods eventually becomes bullets to be fired at the hearts of brothers and children in Palestine.. To buy their goods is to support tyranny, oppression and aggression." -Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. As for my suprise, is not just boycott the product as Mr. Arash Miresmaeli, favourite for the 2004 olympics - he forfeited his gold medal for boycotting Israel. Then he was threatened with sanctions from the International Judo Federation but he stood his ground:

Although I have trained for months and am in shape, I refused to face my Israeli rival in sympathy with the oppressed Palestinian people . . . I am not upset about the decision I have made.

Arash Miresmaeli
- A truly honourable sportsman

Frederick Kanoute, Mali's footballer, an ex Spurs now playing at Sevilla also supported Palestinians followed by his goal celebration. He now will face a possibility charge by Spanish FA .

Today, is the same old day for the Israelis Laqnatullah, business as usual."No one can beat peace; unless he has his freedom"Malcom X.


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No Retreat No Surrender

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The is no obligation, the war will be ended when all the arab-palestine territory falls to the Israeli. From my point of view, with the interference from outsiders(White House still silent about this matter....good for them, otherwise another kasut terbang akan hinggap:lol:), I have to disagree with such report saying that force is never the solution. How on earth will the ceasefire can satisfy both parties? the war had taken place for so long....selain itu, peperangan yang telah mewarnai sejarah dunia dan peradaban manusia di kebanyakan negara. Chris Hedges – seorang jurnalis The New York Times berkata, “It (war) can gives us purpose, meaning, and reason for living.”

Both Israel and Hamas seem to have gone to the same school as they both believe that force is the solutions. I think Hamas knows there is no way for them to win the battle as the opposite party fully equipped with high tech weapons. In contrast, they only have assault rifles, mortars, anti-tank missiles, homemade rockets and other explosives...but who knows the historic Vietnam War will repeated in Middle-East....If this happened, then it will equal or greater the 6 Days War, yom-Kippur War etc. With the combat preparations with thousands of army located on the border, the launch of missile and rocket that recently killed 200 Palestinians. As a result, the ordinary people become victims for their violence. But in the same time, I really prefer that both of them can end up with the round table meeting rather then downsize the population on the battleground . Let's pray for peace in Middle-East and of cause, free Baitul Maqdis!

Both Israel and Palestinians have to demonstrate more effectively that they want to live in peace and do not want to kill, maim, expel from their land. It is for them to deliberate and decide if this should come under One State of Two State solution.

The world should help them reach this decision but should not refrain to remind Israel that it should curb its policies of occupation, subjugation, ethnic cleansing, and terrorising.

We should encourage initiatives that will let all Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace, with dignity, justice and guaranteed fundamental human rights in secure borders, as enshrined in the various UN resolutions.

To remove misgivings, doubts and suspicions, international bodies including the UN, the European Union, OIC should be enlisted to provide guarantees. Peace in the region is not to be equated with death for the state of Israel. - Peace With Dignity: Another Gift For Israel


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